Goal Realisation


Goal realisation is a forward-thinking approach to psychotherapy. For the person seeking therapy, is a way of focussing on a point in the future which will signal a positive life change. Regular therapy sessions begin by identifying the causes of the actions that led to therapy. Once this has been achieved, a goal-focussed approach can be taken.

Setting out goals will give you something to aim for during therapy. It is important, however, that your goals are realistic and won’t lead to inevitable disappointment. If the goals aren’t practically achievable, the disappointment they cause might set you back further.

To make sure that the goals you set aren’t out of reach, they can be as small as you like. It is not the direct benefit from the goal’s accomplishment that is necessary. The vital part of goal realisation is just that; the fact that you have realised your goal. Even if the outcome is a small improvement to your life which might not be obvious to everyone, your personal achievement is key. Reaching the realistic goals is the starting point from which you can begin to aim for bigger things.

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