Addiction Therapy

A widely misunderstood illness, addiction can present itself as a result of innumerable events through life. Its symptoms are wide-ranging. The way we will collaboratively tackle your addiction effectively is to identify and manage the causes.

Having spent over a decade specialising in the field of addiction, my knowledge and experience helps to formulate a conclusive treatment plan with achievable outcomes.

We will begin by diagnosing your specific type of addiction. The numerous variations branch out from two root categories. These are Substance Addiction and Behavioural Addiction. Alcohol and substance abuse are the most common activities attributed to addiction. Behavioural Addiction can be just as damaging to the sufferer’s health and social wellbeing and includes gambling, sex, and eating, among others. Though the two might seem separate, the chemical processes that occur with substance abuse which cause pleasurable sensations are similar to those which occur with behavioural addiction.


We will work alongside one another to achieve the preferable outcomes which will start to improve the social, personal, and medical situations that suffered beforehand.
Whatever your stage of addiction, your tailor-made program will facilitate a collaborative recovery for you. Because every addiction is unique, time will be taken to adapt the recovery environment and process to the way which will benefit you and those around you.

Once the initial causes of the addiction are being managed, we will continue the program so that you can manage your treatment effectively.
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I provide this service to: Individuals, Workshops, Corporate and HR