Sports Therapy

I have extensive experience in Sports Psychotherapy in a variety of environments. Sports psychotherapy covers many aspects of a sportsperson or team’s performance. After an injury, an individual’s psychological recovery can be as important as their physiological recovery.

Many sports psychotherapy cases aren’t injury-based. Lack of concentration and anxiety while taking part in the activity are common issues. Regaining and maintaining confidence is a key aspect of the sports psychotherapy we offer, part of which will involve identifying and removing the buffers which currently halt performance. Another common issue among sportspeople is aggression and anger and, most importantly, controlling them when in the sporting environment.

In the sessions, we will work towards improving focus when it is most needed. This will involve remembering past successes and channelling the positivity in a forward-thinking way.
If an individual has trouble working in a team environment, our psychotherapy sessions can help alleviate the causes of the problem so that the team can perform better as a whole to benefit everybody involved. There is no limit to the number of people who can take part in our psychotherapy sessions. As a result, both individual and team issues can be addressed and overcome.


Part of the service we will provide you is the monitoring of physical changes which might be a result of the psychological changes achieved during or sessions. We will work closely with you and your medical team to make sure that any changes are dealt with properly and without negative effects.

For more information on sports psychotherapy and to find out how it can benefit your team, you can contact me here.

I provide this service to: Workshops, Individuals, Corporate and HR