Groups & Corporate

Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions can take a variety of forms. Often, a group of related or acquainted individuals recognise a problem with their relationship and seek to resolve it. Another popular and extremely useful type of group therapy happens when we bring together a group of people who’ve never met but suffer in similar ways. We find that it is incredibly helpful to all involved in these sessions as group members get encouragement from the others in the session.

For some members, group sessions can be more helpful than individual sessions as there is no pressure to speak or take part in the activities. We understand that it can sometimes take time to feel comfortable in a therapy session which is why we won’t pressurise you to participate until you are ready.

Group therapy sessions are especially helpful to members who lack confidence in group situations. From time to time we all have to take part in activities in a group when it is the last thing we want to do. For some, the lack of confidence can be stifling and can halt social progress. We’ve found that members of our group psychotherapy sessions have gained social skills and confidence as a result of the therapy.

Many people have found it beneficial to take part in both individual and group therapy sessions. Though you will not be obliged to do this, we will explore every possibility to achieve the desired outcomes from your psychotherapy.

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Corporate Therapy

I work with individuals and groups as well as a the HR department of a business, to develop psychotherapeutic support to resolve issues caused in any work environment and the miscommunication that can result. Interpersonal relationships must be strong and we will work to improve them to ultimately improve your business’ performance.

I am also a proud member of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, this is a charter that provides employers with an easy and clear guide on how to make workplaces a supportive and productive environment in which employees can flourish. The Charter focuses on three key areas – leadership, culture and communication – where even small steps can make a big difference to the health of staff, and therefore the profitability of an organisation.

Other more personal individual issues may also hold a company back. Lack of an employee’s confidence in work-related and presenting situations can make the difference between a successful project and a failure. A small number of psychotherapy sessions could be all it will take to improve an individual’s confidence.

Non work-related personal issues will often affect a sufferer’s work performance as well as their private life. By helping them to control the way they feel to manage their workload and working relationships alongside their private life, we will have overcome the issues.

Poorly organised team building exercises and coaching is well intentioned but can intensify the issues that already exist. These types of session are usually developed by people who have spent their careers in a business environment. Though their corporate insight is useful, my experience in person-centred psychology focuses on the individuals’ and the group’s dynamic. Productivity and financial success will follow naturally from a happy and confident workforce.

Our corporate psychotherapy sessions are available in-house or at your discretion. A neutral location that is separate from the office can be beneficial. Others are happy for me to enter their working environment to carry out the sessions. We are also able to conduct sessions over the Internet if that is preferred. I have worked with employees at every tier level, including at Board level, and have a broad range of experience to draw from.
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