Family Therapy

Whether there is an intrinsic and identified problem in your family unit or not, family psychotherapy is hugely beneficial to the health of family members’ relationships. Your family therapy sessions will allow you to recognize and express any thoughts you have or emotions you feel that you have previously found difficult to air. The sessions can take place wherever is easiest for you but many people find that a neutral environment is the best place to discuss issues freely, ideally at my office space based in central Liverpool.

An important part of our work will be to help you understand each others’ views and feelings and appreciate your loved ones’ needs from the relationship. In a family the fundamental bonds can be strengthened through the work we do together.

Children are often the unintended victims of family issues. Separation, divorce or life with a new step family can be overwhelming for a child to cope with and the sessions will help them adapt to the situations.


Our family psychotherapy sessions can be carried out individually as well as in a group. The individual sessions will help the person determine the reasons they act as they do and the subsequent group sessions will allow the others in the family to express their thoughts and work alongside with the individual to resolve the issues.

For more information on family psychotherapy or to book a consultation with me to discuss your family’s needs, you can contact me here.